Earth Quake 2005 Support - DAY-BY-DAY Activities

The Habib Physiotherapy Complex & its founder Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman was actively involve in supporting relief and Rehabilitation activities & jointly work with Qatar Charity.

The same days a brief about Physiotherapy was given to Governor Khalil ur Rahman emphasising the need of Physiotherapy services in the province of Khyber Pkahtunkhwa & FATA.

The Princes of Qatar Al-Mayassa was briefed at Qatar Charity Camp for Earthquake relief at Alipur Farash on Kashmir Road. She was briefed by HPC Chief in presence of Qatar Ambassador & other delegates.


Habib Physiotherapy Complex/ Physio-Care (The Disabled Welfare Association) On October 8th 2005

Pakistan was hit by the worst earthquake in the history leaving behind approx. 83000 dead, millions injured and 3.2 million as homeless. Relief operations were started by national and international agencies to overcome the immediate shortage of emergency shelter, and provide medical treatment to injured and food supplies to all the suffering victims.  Prompt Emergency Medical Response / Aid from both National and International Organizations was helped a lot to cure a large number of injured victims but rehabilitation of all those injured is not possible in the relief camps though it is considered an important step for the complete recovery health and well being of an individual.  Immediately after the Earthquake, a meeting of all the members of HPC Staff was held on October 9,2005 wherein it was decided to provide emergency relief to the victims in two suffering areas i.e. Mansehra and Balakot. A Relief Camp was setup in Mansehra for the earthquake affectees at the earliest possible.

Collaboration with Qatar Charity

HPC Chief along with a team of Physiotherapy experts visited the quake hit areas of Mansehra, Balakot and Garhi Habib Ullah. An Emergency Relief Camp was setup at Mansehra in collaboration with Qatar Charity wherein a large number of Earthquake victims were examined and provided with treatment and emergency drugs. The provision of this facility was continued by HPC Team on weekly basis and, so far, a large number of earthquake victims, suffering from Trauma and Injuries have been provided with Treatment and Drugs. All these activities have been carried out by HPC through its own resources. HPC is committed to provide and continue providing Emergency and Rehabilitation Cover to the Earthquake Affectees in collaboration with National and International Organizations in future too.

9th November 2005

HPC Chief Mr. Mahboob-ur-Rahman attended a Mid-Term Planning Workshop at Abbottabad under the Chairmanship of Federal Minister of Health.  The Provincial Minister also attended the workshop along with many representatives from National and International Donor Agencies. The HPC Chief outlined the need for setting a rehabilitation center at Mansehra in collaboration with Qatar Charity (One of the most recognized international charitable organization).

11th November 2005

HPC Chief Mr.Mahboob-ur-Rehman made a presentation to the Governor NWFP on provision of Physiotherapy facilities in Federally Administered Tribal Areas in the near future. The honorable Governor advised the concerned authorities to look into the matter with a view to immediately extend the said facilities in FATA Areas. The Governor applauded the services of HPC with regard to providing physiotherapy facilities to the earthquake victims within the affected areas.  The Governor appreciated the performance of HPC, which he added is a “Good Facility” in the Provincial Metropolis.

20th November 2005

A need assessment tour to Abbottabad & mansehra was made to the earthquake-affected areas by HPC staff. The medicine de frontiers, Saudi camp, EMS, Italian camp were visited. A few paraplegic patients were shifted to HPC Peshawar from Medicine de Frontier (French camp) for rehabilitation. The HPC chief also visited IFRC team headed by Dr. Jim and discussed about the rehabilitation of disabled patients and ways to mean to enhance the process of rehabilitation.

23rd November 2005

Under the directive from the Chief Secretary, NWFP HPC was contacted by Mr. Bashir Executive District Officer (SW) District Peshawar to provide Physiotherapy to Earthquake victims, currently being lodged at the relief camp Hayatabad center, Peshawar. HPC provided the services of two Physiotherapists (one male& one female) to carry out examination and exercises for the disabled patients on daily basis. At the moment 40 disabled patients at Hayatabad relief center are under treatment under the HPC staff and the facility is being continued till the final rehabilitation of affected patients. The relief center is being visited by HPC chief personally on regular basis. Patients include women and children with spinal cord injuries specially.

16th December 2005

The HPC Chief Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman gave a briefing to Her Excellency Princess Al Mayssa of Qatar about management of Earthquake victims during her visit to Alipur Farash camp near Rawalpindi, arranged by Qatar Charity. The Princess very kindly accorded her full support for the services to Earthquake victims.

25th December 2005

The Chairman National Council of Social Welfare, Islamabad made a visit to district Mansehra to see the Earthquake relief camps. He was accompanied by HPC Chief, Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman & Deputy Director Umeed Ali Mahar.  Relief camp of Jamiat ud Daawa and Pakistan Medical Association were visited. They witnessed the relief activity of the said organization and the Chairman NCSW handed over two emergency surgery kits for the base camp. The need for rehabilitation of post-traumatic cases was strongly felt and the Chairman NCSW agreed to the proposal made by HPC Chief to provide technical Physiotherapy assistance in various camps for the prevention of Physical disabilities among earthquake victims. They also agreed to have HPC base camp at H-11, Islamabad to provide tents, beds and technical facilities on while NCSW would financially support the project to meet the current expenditures.

27th December 2005

Mr.Sultan Mehmood Khattak, Secretary to the Government of NWFP, for Zakat, Usher and Social Welfare visited HPC to see the earthquake relief being provided to the earthquake victims. He was accompanied by Dr Fakhr ul Islam, Director Social Welfare NWFP.  Mr. Sultan Mehmood was briefed by HPC chief Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman on HPC activities and relief work with regard to earthquake victims Mr. Khattak visited the earthquake victims admitted at HPC and enquired about their health individually from each patient. Mr. Khattak applauded the services of HPC for rehabilitation of earthquake victims and told that HPC’s active participation in the rehabilitation activities will help to prevent a large number of earthquake victims from permanent disabilities. He assured the HPC chief for all his support and help in the noble cause.

27th December 2005

MR Osman Saad al Din Director Qatar Charity, Islamabad visited the Habib Physiotherapy Complex to enquire about the health of earthquake victims being treated at HPC. He lauded the services of HPC providing rehabilitation facilities to the victims. He was briefed on HPC activities by Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman, HPC Chief.


Earthquake 2005
a Patient named Shazia from Mansehra got Spinalcode Injury 

was treated free of cost for her physical rehabilitation at Habib Physiotherapy Complex 
later provided with Walking Aids and Wheel Chair

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