Courses Offered


                DEGREE COURSES:

           *    Doctor of Physiotherapy (D. P. T.)
           *    Additional Doctor in Physiotherapy (A. DPT)
           *    Post-Professional Doctor in Physiotherapy (PP DPT)
           *    Professional Deficiencies Makeup Programs (PDMP / LFD) 

          *     BS Medical Lab Techology (MLT)

          *     BS Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences (P&O)

            DIPLOMA COURSES 

               *       Diploma In Physiotherapy

           *    Diploma In Pathology 




Our Vision

The institute is a step ahead in the provision of an intellectual environment for innovative teaching, learning and research in the field of Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. It will produce competent, critical, reflective and accountable health care professionals to work in the community. ”.

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