YEAR 2013


Activity Report for the Year 2013

Habib Physiotherapy Complex continued its services for the Rehabilitation of Physically Disabled where indoor and outdoor patients were facilitated.  The detail about the treated patients during the year 2013 is as under;

  1. Facilitation of Patients


Paid Patients

Discounted Patients

Free Treated


January - December






  1. Overall Data














Speech Therapy







  1. Volunteer Services/Physical Rehabilitation

Habib Physiotherapy Complex provided volunteer services (free of cost) or on nominal rates for Local Community and Afghan Refugees.  Three different camps were organized during the year 2013 – 6th March 2013, 5th August 2013 and 2nd November 2013.  Number of patients were examined and treated free of cost and free admission and therapeutic regime was offered at Habib Physiotherapy Complex.

  1. Academics
    1. The Mahboob School of Physiotherapy – Gandhara University inducted its 5th Batch for the Doctor of Physiotherapy (D. P. T.)  Classes were started with effect from 1st October 2013 for the Academic Session 2013 – 2017. 

3rd Batch of B. S. Physiotherapy has successfully passed out.

  1. Our graduates have been inducted in Rahman Medical Institute (RMI), Northwest General Hospital (NWGH), PIPOS, CHEFF International, CHAL International and public sector hospitals, which is a great encouraging and honor towards our success.  
  1. Iftar Dinner

Iftar Dinner was arranged during the Holy Month of Ramadan where more than 150 people attended this event.  Besides the notable of the city, Afghan Refugees also participated in this dinner.  This Dinner was sponsored by the U. A. E. Red Crescent – Islamabad and Khalifa Foundation U. A. E.

  1. Food Distribution / Relief

U. A. E. Red Crescent and U. A. E. Embassy, Islamabad arranged food distribution program during the Holy Month of Ramadan, which included 1000 wheat flour bags which was distributed amongst poor community at Peshawar, Warsak Road and Charsada Road by Habib Physiotherapy Complex, Peshawar.

  1. 20th June (World Refugees Day)

20th June is observed as World International Day for Refugees and Habib Physiotherapy Complex joined a seminar, where number of Afghan Refugees attended the event, later dinner was served.  This program was arranged by UNHCR Peshawar.

  1. 8th Sept (International Day for Physiotherapy)

Every year 8th September is observed as an International Day for the Physiotherapy.  The Habib Physiotherapy Complex with coloration of Mahboob School of Physiotherapy arranged an awareness seminar highlighting about the role of physiotherapy. 

  1. 3rd December (International Day for Disabled)

3rd December – an International Day for Disabled.  It has always been celebrated with a thought to take many efforts towards the rehabilitation of the physically disabled people in community due to certain reasons, bomb blasts, lack of awareness about the this disability, earth quack affected, flood affected and others. 

Habib Physiotherapy Complex and Mahboob School of Physiotherapy arranged a seminar along with a walk about its importance in coloration of Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar.  Hayatabad Medical Complex Chief Executive and Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman as Provincial Co-ordinator for Rehabilitation spoke on the occasion.

  1. Orthopedic Consultant

A well known Orthopedic Surgeon – Dr. Khaliq ur Rahman is running his clinic successfully taking care of both Local and Afghan Refugees patients.   

  1. Orthopedic Workshop

Numbers of patients are getting benefited through this facility by enabling them to bring back to normal life with provision of orthotics and prosthetics at normal rates.

  1. Building

Habib Physiotherapy Complex has enhanced its building introducing upgraded facilities along with latest equipment and tools and Mahboob School of Physiotherapy building also got two new floors added to previous set-up.

  1. I. C. R. C. (Geneva) is having Memorandum of Understanding with Habib Physiotherapy Complex where we provide residence to female and children amputees of war victims against terror.  This facility was provided during the year 2013.






Our Vision

The institute is a step ahead in the provision of an intellectual environment for innovative teaching, learning and research in the field of Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. It will produce competent, critical, reflective and accountable health care professionals to work in the community. ”.

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