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Frequency of Common Clinical Condition among Client Presented
at Habib Physiotherapy Complex - Peshawar (Pakistan)



Physiotheraputic Management in Thoracic Surgery

by M. Ibrahim & Mahboob ur Rahman

Published by Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute Vol. 2, No. 1, 1987


World Polio Day
25th Oct. 2015


Presentation by
by Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman


Effective Tool in Polio Management
Mahboob Power Evaluation and Therapeutic (MPET) Chart”
by Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman



Assessing the Standards of Physical Therapy Services in
Tertiary Care Hospitals, Peshawar
Published in
International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences
July - Dec. 2013    Vol. 02, Issue 02

Physiotherapy Role
a Presentation by
Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman
Chairman - Mahboob Institute of Phsyiothearpy and Rehabilitation Sciences 


Article by Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman

                                         ABSTRACT - ASSESSING the STANDARDS of PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICES  
                                                                      in TERTIERY CARE HOSPITALS of PESHAEAR

                                        July-December 2013 International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences (IJRS) Volume 02, Issue 02 43 
                                                     Assessing the Standards of Physical Therapy Services in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Peshawar 


Background: In many countries, the need for physical therapists to use standardized measures has been recognized and is recommended in clinical practice guidelines. A lack of follow up of international standards in daily practice may hamper rehabilitation services. 

Objective: his study was carried out to assess the need for physical therapists to use standardized measures recognized internationally in clinical practices. Aim of our study was to investigate the Physiotherapy standard practiced by physical therapists in tertiary care hospitals in Peshawar. 

Methods: To get a complete and valid overview of Physiotherapy standards, a checklist of modified Australian Physiotherapy standards were used. A facility based survey was conducted to evaluate the physiotherapy services in the hospitals having physiotherapy departments in Peshawar against each standard. 

Results: Results indicated that overall core standards adopted by the tertiary care hospital are 63.4%. The risk management and patient information system is 0% in these hospitals. The overall equitable services are available but where less than 30% score is achieved from this study. 

Conclusion: It was observed that lack of use of these international standards in daily practice may hamper rehabilitation services. It was seen that the facilities available in Peshawar falls into an average standard which needs enhancement to provide standard Physiotherapy services. 

Keywords: Physiotherapy, Electrotherapy, Manual therapy, Health Education, Physical Therapists, Rehabilitation. 

Frequency of various conditions such as arthritis presented

at Habib Physiotherapy Complex during 2010


Post-Polio Paralysis

Original Research Article
by Mahboob ur Rahman
Printed in Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute

Journal Link;
Vol. 8, No. 2 (1994)

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