Mahboob ur Rahman (Biography/Portfolio)

I graduated from Karachi University in Physiotherapy in 1981, joined International Committee of Red Cross – Surgical Hospital, Peshawar for Afghan War Wounded.  Within 9 months, I was promoted to the position of Physiotherapy Chief. I remained on this position for 3 years.  I left ICRC. for Public Sector Hospital; Lady Reading Hospital which is 3000 beds Teaching Hospital. 


In 1997, I was transferred to Postgraduate Medical Institute – Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar as Head of the Department; where I am working to date.


In the year 2008, I was also declared Provincial Coordinator for Rehabilitation of Physical Disabled in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa – Pakistan.


In 2014, I succeeded to get approved a plan from the Government to extend Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation facilities to 25 District Headquarter Hospitals of the Province.  The main theme was, “that we cannot prevent Physical Disabilities until, unless will not provide rehabilitation facilities to doorsteps level” i.e., District Headquarter Hospitals.


In 2015, this project was implemented where equipment and human resources were provided.  Now by the year 2016, 50 physiotherapists are on job and 20 – 45 patients/physical disabled are benefited as such 150000 patients are being facilitated annually to minimizing physical disabilities in the province at large.  The Khyber Pakhtunkhawa is front line province in the war against terror where disability ratio is more than everywhere. It is my Life Achievement Scheme successfully implemented where I am Project Director of the same as “Strengthening of Rehabilitation Services for Physical Disabled, Health KP”.


Social/Humanitarian Activities


I started Physio-Care Free Polio Clinic in 1989, where Polio effected children were in hundreds in our Province, we declared our clinic as Free / No Cost for such children.  We arranged free camps nearly in all Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province, therefore avoiding atrophy, deformity of limbs minimizing their difficulties.  As such treating hundreds of children per year; in the year 1990, 1997 sessions were given at clinics besides free camps. 


Based on such experience, I redesigned Oxford Muscle Testing Chart into Mahboob Power Evaluation & Therapeutic Chart (M.P.E.T.) which is not only diagnostic but also gives therapeutic regime for polio affected children.  Hundreds of polio affected children were benefited from this chart.  Now the same chart is launched by Polio Health International (P.H.I.) on website for International Community.  My name is also included in Polio Support Group from Pakistan in Post-Polio Directory 2016.  This chart M.P.E.T. was accepted in P.C.S.I. Conference 2015 at Hague, Netherlands and as such published.


In humanitarian response, a worst earthquake 2005 in Pakistan; me and my organization; Habib Physiotherapy Complex responded and provided rehabilitation facilities with International Donors like Qatar Charity, International Committee of Red Cross and many others.  We admitted injured patients in our Rehabilitation Centre.  Furthermore, I briefed a state guest – Princess Almaisa of Qatar during her visit to earth quake camp.  I was also asked to give presentation to the Governor; Commander Khalil ur Rahman about the physical disabilities and their rehabilitation.


Post-Polio Paralysis; my first research paper was published in 1997 in P. G. M. I. Journal, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar.  My papers on Osteoarthritis in Women & Non-Communicable Diseases published in ranges up to a dozen.

In 1997, I founded a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Complex which has Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Audiometery, Orthotics, Prosthotics, Occupational Therapy, Cerebral Palsy, Children Unit, Orthopedic Consultancy and a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit. 

In the year 2000, we started Diploma Courses in Physiotherapy and extended this facility to Afghan Refugees as well.  A Success Story on UNHCR Website from Geneva as; “Pak-Afghan Women Picks Physiotherapy Skills” is available. 

After this course, B. Sc. Physiotherapy Degree Course was started.  In 2007, Mahboob School of Physiotherapy launched B. Sc. Physiotherapy Education which was upgraded to Doctor of Physiotherapy (D.P.T.) in 2010, where I am the founder as well.  Now we are doing M. S./M. Phil, PP DPT in the same institute.

  • The First and Pioneer Institute in the Province, we are launching occupational therapy and B. Sc. Orthotics by current year, me as Chairman and Founder.
  • Due to my Humanitarian activities, by the Government of Pakistan recommendation, I have awarded Benazir Bhutto Gold Medal and King Abdullah Gold Medal . 
  • Was shortlisted for Prince Salman Disability Award in Saudi Arabia and BMJ South Asia Award last year.
  • Member of Pakistan Baitul Mal of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa for Grants Appraisal Committee 2010 – 2013 which is great honor.
  • Senior Vice President of Pakistan NGO’s Ittihad since 2012 – 15.
  • Focal person for Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and member of Mines Risk Reduction Committee which developed tools for school children.
  • Selected Chairman; Board of Governors, Pakistan Physiotherapy Association (PPTA) last year because of my services for disability.
  • Founder of Khushal Bagh Public School – Peshawar for Inclusive Education; the first model school in the Province.


Lastly, the first Rehabilitation Complex; Habib Physiotherapy Complex, the first School of Physiotherapy; named Mahboob School of Physiotherapy under the Mahboob Institute and network, has been implemented successfully as Rehab Services in 25 Districts of the Province are my life achievements.


Research Paper/Publications

My first book, “Chest Physio for the War Wounded” ICRC experienced, approved and published in 1997 by the Government of Pakistan which is helpful in early rehabilitation of critically ill patients.

Our Vision

The institute is a step ahead in the provision of an intellectual environment for innovative teaching, learning and research in the field of Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. It will produce competent, critical, reflective and accountable health care professionals to work in the community. ”.

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