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Pakistani women pick up physiotherapy skills


The training is conducted by the Physiotherapy Educational Institute in Peshawar. "Our objective is the prevention of physical disability through exercise," explained Mehoob Ur Rehman, director of the institute.

Alia, one of the course participants, said she was impressed by the benefits of physiotherapy, which entails the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by exercise or physical methods, such as massage, rather than by drugs or surgery.

The UN Refugee Agency is footing the bill for all of the participants, including tuition fees, course material costs, transportation and a stipend. Ten years of schooling, including basic science, is a requirement for entry to the course.

"These tools are helpful in relieving pain and preventing the physical disability of people due to lack of exercise," said Dr Ur Rehman, adding that their use by the trainees would enable their patients to avoid going to clinics for treatment.

The physiotherapy course is part of UNHCR's Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) programme, which aims to help Afghan refugees as well as the Pakistani communities that have hosted them for so many years. There are currently 1.7 million registered Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, most of whom live in urban settlements alongside Pakistanis.

"The need for such a programme was felt after the devastating earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan's northern areas, which affected both locals and Afghans," UNHCR Senior Programme Assistant Abdul Waheed noted. "There were thousands of injured people who needed rehabilitation help, and there were few who had the skills."

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